Award Description

The goal of these awards is to highlight the amazing service Missourians do daily to make their communities stronger. In order to provide a diverse group of awardees each year, the awards will be presented by region and include age specific awards, national service awards, business awards, and community awards.

Nomination Submission

Nominations are due by 5pm April 24th. You may complete this paper application and email it or complete the online version by clicking one of the buttons below .

You may nominate multiple people/organizations. Please utilize one form per nomination.

Regional Break Down

The awards program will utilize a simplified version of the regional system that the Missouri Department of Economic Development utilizes. The state will be divided into four separate regions pictured below: North/Central, Southern, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Award nominees will compete with only those from their region in their same category


Red: North/Central

Green: St. Louis Metro Area

Purple: Kansas City Metro Area

Blue: Southern 

Award Categories

Seven award categories will be awarded in each region totaling a possible twenty-eight awards annually. Awardees must be Missouri residents, and a majority of the service must have been completed in Missouri. Nominations should be based on service conducted in 2022.

Youth: Presented to those under 18.

Adult: Presented to those 18 to 54.

Senior: Presented to those over 55.

AmeriCorps Member: Presented to a person who served in either AmeriCorps State, National, NCCC, or VISTA in the past year.

AmeriCorps Seniors: Presented to a person who served in an AmeriCorps Seniors (Senior Corps) program in the past year.

Business Excellence Award: Presented to a for-profit business that has provided opportunities for its employees/volunteers to volunteer in the community.

Community Excellence Award: Presented to a community (municipality or county) that has come together on a specific service project or ongoing service activity.

The organizations for which volunteers provide services may include entities exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.  Missouri statute, § 105.1500,RSMo, prohibits state agencies from: (1) requiring an individual to provide data that directly or indirectly identifies a person as a member, supporter, or volunteer of a 501(c) entity (“personal information”); and (2) requiring a501(c) entity to provide data that directly or indirectly identifies a personas a member, supporter, or volunteer of that 501(c) entity (also, “personal information”).  Nominator understands and represents that it is voluntarily providing information, which may include “personal information,” to the Missouri Community Service Commission (“MCSC”), and the state department to which it is assigned by law, the Department of Economic Development (“DED”),their employees and officials, in order for a nominee to be considered for the Show Me Service Volunteer Awards.  Nominator hereby waives any right it may have under § 105.1500, RSMo,to claim that MCSC, DED, and their employees or officials are compelling Nominator to release any personal information by completing and submitting this Nomination Form.